Custom Motorcycle Riding – How To Ride A Cruiser On Dirt

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If you thought that the only type of motorcycle that can be customized is a sport bike, think again. Cruisers are also ideal for customizing because they come with more space and storage. Customizing your cruiser will allow it to be safer when riding off-road as well. Here’s how:

What Is A Cruiser?

A cruiser is a type of motorcycle. Cruisers are popular with new riders because they’re easy to ride and often used for long distance riding. Cruisers can be used for touring or commuting, but they’re also great for riding in the city.  Dominator Cycles

The Benefits of Customizing A Cruiser

Customizing a cruiser is the perfect way to make it more comfortable. You can add a backrest, a luggage rack and even windshield wipers if you want. This will give you a better ride on the highway or when riding in inclement weather.

Customizing your bike also makes it safer for riders who have different skill levels and abilities than you do. If someone has never ridden before, they’ll find it much easier with customized features like hand controls that are placed lower on the handlebars so they don’t need as much strength to operate them while sitting upright instead of leaning forward over them like most cruisers do by default (this is especially helpful for people with back problems).

Finally, customizing motorcycles helps them look cooler! There are lots of ways to customize bikes: painting them different colors; adding lights here and there; installing sound systems…the list goes on forever!

Add a skid plate to your motorcycle.

A skid plate is a metal guard that protects the underside of your bike. It’s made out of either aluminum or steel and can be bolted on, but it’s not necessary unless you ride in rocky terrain. Skid plates are available for most cruiser models and even some sport bikes, so they’re a good investment if you plan to take your bike off-roading regularly.

Skid plates come in two main types: belly guards (which cover the transmission) and bash protectors (which cover both sides). Belly guards are usually shorter than bash protectors because they don’t need to provide as much protection against scratches and other damage caused by rocks or sticks getting thrown up by tires spinning over them at high speeds when riding on dirt roads with lots of bumps in them–these kinds of impacts aren’t usually severe enough for belly guards alone; instead, these kinds of impacts would typically require something more substantial like a full-length bash protector installed underneath each side panel where riders sit when riding their motorcycles normally.”

Install a windshield on your cruiser.

  • Install a windshield on your cruiser.
  • Make sure it’s large enough to protect you from the wind.
  • Get one that’s made for your bike, and has a breakaway mount so it will stay in place if something hits it while riding off-road.
  • Also make sure it has a locking mechanism to keep thieves away from stealing your expensive accessory!

Add a custom seat to your cruiser.

You’ll want to choose a seat that fits your body type, as well as one that’s comfortable and easy to install.

  • Choose a seat that matches the style of your bike. For example, if you have an old-school chopper with lots of chrome and polished metal parts, it makes sense for you to get a leather saddle with studs or stitching on its surface. On the other hand, if you have an all-black cruiser with modern lines, consider getting some sort of fabric-covered bucket seat instead–this will complement those sleek lines better than any other option would!
  • Make sure the height is right for your body type: If possible (and depending on how tall/short), sit on top of each candidate before buying anything so you can see how well it fits into place and whether there are any obstructions preventing full movement during riding conditions; remember also about using handlebars when making decisions about comfort levels here!

Install a larger fuel tank on your motorcycle.

You will want to install a larger fuel tank on your motorcycle. This is because the larger the fuel capacity, the farther you can go between stops.

To install a larger tank, follow these steps:

  • Check with your local motorcycle shop for advice on how to do this safely and legally in your area.
  • Remove any existing tanks from your bike and replace them with larger ones (if necessary). If there are no existing tanks already installed on your bike, then you can skip this step entirely!

Install custom fenders on your motorcycle.

If you’re going to ride a cruiser on the dirt, it’s important that you install custom fenders on your motorcycle. Fenders help keep dirt and mud off of your bike. They can be expensive but they’re worth it. You can purchase them at any motorcycle store or online retailer in your area that sells custom parts for motorcycles

You can customize your cruiser and make it safer for dirt riding!

Customizing your cruiser is one of the best ways to make it safer for dirt riding. You can install skid plates, windshields and custom seats; add larger fuel tanks and other things that will make the bike more durable in off-road situations.


Customizing your cruiser is a great way to make it safer for dirt riding. If you’re looking to customize your bike, we hope this article has given you some ideas on how to do so. We also have plenty more articles here on our blog about customizing cruisers and other types of motorcycles too!